Thursday, May 21, 2009

Blogger's Block and Trying New Things

Well, I have to say that the day I started blogging I had so many "blogging topics" running through my head that I thought to myself, "You should probably write these down somewhere because tomorrow you won't remember any of them", and I was right-I should have written them down because now I am bemoaning the fact that I can think of nothing to blog about.

I am preparing this post using my daughter's computer as mine has been acting up lately and is now at Tek-Hut, hopefully being repaired. Could it be the Facebook apps that my husband blames it on? I choose to hope that it is not, but am willing to sacrifice them if it is.

This has been a pretty uneventful week, but there was one small event that might be slightly blog worthy. I needed to pull the horse trailer to 4H on Tuesday. While this might not sound like a big deal, for me it was HUGE. When Meghan started taking 4H, one of the first things I made clear was that I would not, under any circumstances, be pulling the horses. I managed to go a whole year without needing to and then Jeff decided to take Hunter's Safety Classes. So, Tuesday afternoon found me having my own little Driver's Ed Course with my husband as the teacher. I made sure to lay down the rules for him first.

1). Under no circumstance was he to become upset with me or yell at me.
2). He had to be super gentle and sweet with me the whole time(see rule #1).
3). I refused to back the trailer-we would nose-in wherever I needed to go and that included the driveway at home (see rule #1 and 2).
4). I would practice with an empty trailer so as not to kill my daughters' horses.

He agreed and after trying to reassure me that I would do fine and that it was much easier than it seemed, we were off. I managed to pull out of the driveway and make it to the fair grounds (about 6 or 7 miles away) and home again without any damage to myself, my husband or the trailer. I drove only on the back roads (in hopes of avoiding other traffic-which did not work) and I did not drive over 20 miles an hour for the first 2-3 miles of the trip and still not over 35 for the rest of it, even though the speed limit was 50 most of the way. I only had to be reminded to stop a little earlier and slow down to a crawl over the railroad tracks.

That night, Jeff graciously left the trailer hooked-up for me, and after the girls loaded the horses and we piled in the truck. Silver had a tiny bit of trouble loading and for a moment I thought we might not be going after all. I was a little disappointed when he actually hopped in the trailer just a few tries later--though I did feel a bit guilty for it.

After a few deep breaths and a quick prayer for safety, I once again made it all the way to the fairgrounds-remembering to stop earlier and slow way down over the railroad tracks (even though the girls assured me their dad went over them much faster). Jeff must have worried about me driving home in the dark because he ended up at 4H after his class and drove the trailer home. He also rearranged his schedule last night so that he dropped the girls off and unhitched the trailer while I followed in the van. I think that was because he was embarrassed to show up at Hunter's Safety again in a purple minivan. Now until Saturday, I won't have to pull the trailer again. Let's hope that I will be awake enough to drive it safely at 6:30 in the morning.

I will admit that I feel a little braver, having pushed myself to do something that terrified me. If my cowboy boots made me feel more like a cowgirl's mama-imagine what pulling that trailer did. Isn't God amazing in the way that He helps us take the little steps and trust in Him to keep us safe?

So, until next time-
"Put on your cowgirl panties and ride"!

P.S. Tip to other bloggers out there: If you are attempting to blog while cooking dinner, make sure you put the food in the oven that was preheated and not the cold one or 25 minutes later, your casserole will look the same as when it went in and your husband will have to grab a burger on his way to class.


  1. P.S.... Is that kind of like when I was chatting with you on the phone a few months back and burned dinner?

  2. I think that maybe burning dinner is worse because at least after I put it in the right oven mine was edible :).