Monday, March 15, 2010

Crafting Weekend 2010

Surprisingly, I got invited to spend another weekend this year crafting in Hagerman with my new crafty girlfriends.  This year I got to sit next to someone new and loved every minute of it.  Gwennie is aDorabledaze's newest follower, "Welcome, Gwennie!  Make yourself at home."  Her real name is actually Jennifer, but somehow she got the nickname Gwennie and that's what we called her all weekend, so that is how I think of her.  She is not only a fellow crafter, but a fellow blogger as well.  Take a minute and check out Gwennie's blog, but don't forget to come back!

As I said, I got my first taste of Bella and PRISMACOLOR last year, and renewed it this year.  I didn't make as many cards this year because I spent the first part of the weekend working on Christmas gifts.  Now, don't get excited, I'm not an over-achiever, these were gifts from LAST YEAR that I still needed to finish.  See, I AM a loser!  Luckily, my family (whom the gifts were for) still loves me.  The pictures of the scrapbook will be yet another post.  See, I may have FINISHED said Christmas gifts, but I have YET to mail them.  Can't have you seeing them BEFORE they see them, right?  This post will be filled, once again with my love, adoration and longing for PRISMACOLOR markers, and more pictures of cute cards.

When I was creating this card, I had my friend Shalyn in mind.  She was the friend that was with me when I had my first taste of stamping.  We have spent hours together at my dining room table, bent over, crafting our hearts out.  She lives in Washington now, and I miss her dearly. 

If there is one thing other than crafting that makes me think of Shay, it's coffee!  I so wish she and I could sit down for a cup and a chat!

Look at the great color on her dress!  I'm telling you, these markers are NOT your mother's crayola markers , baby!  I whole heartedly believe that EVERY artist should begin buying these if they haven't already.  And look at the background paper, isn't it fun?  It's from a set that my mom got me for Christmas from Costco.

Pink, orange and blue are some colors that I NEVER thought I would use, but how cute are they?  I'm in love with them.  It has NOTHING to do with the Boise State Bronco colors of orange and blue.

This next card is another line from the same website as the Bella stamps.  It's probably not one I would have picked up by myself, but during the weekend, Kathryn (who I also loved meeting) used it to make some of the cutest cards.  I wasn't the only one who was struck by this little Pipi Longstocking like girl, many of us took turns stamping out pages to bring home with us.  It didn't matter what color combo you used she was too adorable to pass up.

I find that because I don't get to stamp as often as I used to, my cards have become much simpler with less technique.  It seemed to me, that all my cards were beginning to look the same and while they were still cute, nothing wowed me about them.  For this card, I challenged myself to dig deep and dust off my imagination. 

The ribbon here, looks like I pulled it up through the button, but we all know I'm much too lazy to mess with that.  I just tied a knot and glued it to the top of the button.  Super cute, no?  (Thanks, Nej for letting me peek through your ideas!)

I crumpled and inked the background paper to give it a more grunge feel, I think it fits in well with the little girls funky hair and patched pants.  I also used my paper piercer to poke holes in a pattern across the bottom of the paper.  This turned out to be my favorite card of the weekend.

The weekend was, again, filled with much laughter, tons of delish food, and very little sleep.  It was as fun as last year!  I look forward to next year, if I get invited back!

Go.  Create something!


  1. See, I could never make anything as cute as these cards! My creativity doesn't work like that, so I am in awe. :)

  2. I loved the cards! The bottom one with the paper piercing of course, caught my eye! Now that I have an extra space in my mud room maybe Scott will build me a little crafting desk? Glad you had fun!

  3. You have to be invited every year... or else someone would be in trouble! ;) You cards are fab, you are very talented, and I thoroughly enjoyed being next to you. I hope I get the same honor next time as well!