Monday, March 22, 2010

A Matter for Miss Manners

After running a few quick errands, my oldest daughter asked me to swing into Arby’s so she could grab a sandwich. We pulled into the drive thru and shouted our order to the sign with the big speaker and listened carefully as she read it back and gave us our price. “That will be $6.79,” she began, and I expected to hear ‘at the window’, but what followed sent us into fits of laughter. Her closing statement was, “and we invite you to our window.”


I wanted to reply, “Now that’s an invitation I can’t refuse…seeing as how THAT’S where my food will be!”

We continued to giggle, as we waited for it to be our turn to pull up to “the window”, and speculate as to what would cause them to offer us a PERSONAL invite to the drive-up window. Was this a Franchise thing or just her own little way of brightening our day? She didn’t seem to have an accent and a good grasp of English, so it wasn’t a language issue. It didn’t seem to be some kind of promotion. She was just inviting us (and let me tell you, she was very prim and proper about the invitation) to the window.

I’m not sure WHY, exactly it struck us as funny as it did, maybe it was because today was the first day in the last three that I’ve been out of bed, but it did!

So what I need to know now is; do I need to send a Thank You note?


  1. Dearest Arby's Window Woman,

    My daughter and I would like to thank you most humbly for the delightful, if unexpected, invitation to join you at your window the other day. It provided no end of entertainment for both of us and we so appreciate how much it brightened our otherwise normal day.

    Please don't spoil the moment and tell me that you say this to everyone who orders from you.

    Roast Turkey Ranch & Bacon Sandwich, Potato Cakes, Mandarin Peach Iced go

  2. That's great Dori. It's one more way they
    have of being different from everyone else. And guess what? You won't soon forget that and you have written about them on your blog. What great advertising for them. Have a great day.

  3. It could have been MUCH worse - consider yourself incredibly fortunate! lol