Sunday, December 13, 2009

Prayers Needed

**Updated again at 11:45 pm

Jeff and Del are in Oregon to do a job. They are close to where Del's father lives and decided to park the motor home there and spend the week with them.

I got a text from Jeff about 20 minutes ago saying that Grant (Del's dad) had fallen when he came out to greet them. He was unconscious for a bit and the ambulance was on the way. An update from Sandi a moment ago said that Del, Jeff and Bev (Grant's wife) were headed to the hospital. Del is very shaken up.

Please pray for the entire Sanstrom family and the doctors that will care for Grant. Grant is in his 90s.

***Here is an update...
Grant and Del went out to the shop and on the way back in, Grant slipped and fell on his back. He was unconscious immediately. Del ran in the house to have Jeff call 911 and headed back out with blankets and a pillow. Grant was just beginning to come to when Del got back outside. They were worried about moving him and so covered him with the blankets and put a pillow under his head while they waited for the ambulance (which came quickly).

They are all at the hospital in Hermiston where Grant is having an MRI and some X-rays. It sounds as though he will be admitted for the night. Bev was able to go and speak with him.

Del has two sisters that both live in Washington.

Jeff and Del have a scale to start installing tomorrow morning. They are trying very hard to be home in time for Meghan's 16th birthday party this Saturday. I am not sure if/how this will change their schedule.

Your prayers are a comfort and greatly appreciated.


Thank you all for your prayers! Jeff just texted to say that Grant is being admitted for observation. They do not think he had a stroke or a heart attack. They think that when his head hit the concrete his heart skipped several beats and he passed out. The CT and X-rays looked good.

Jeff and Del will be starting their install tomorrow as planned.

What a wonderful gift Godly friendship is. Your faithful prayers have encourage my heart (and many others) this evening! Thank you.

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