Friday, May 28, 2010


Here is another card from my Box of Unsent Cards.  I think when I made it, I intended it to be an anniversary card.  What was I thinking?  If I don't remember send Birthday cards, what makes me think I'm going to send Anniversary cards?  Yeesh!  Anyway, it's still a great card and the whole layout makes me smile.  Again, the pictures are crummy, but I think you can still get the idea.

The torn edge with the contrast behind makes me smile.  I also like the way the word LOVE is scratched upward along the side.
This was one of the first time I used Bazzil paper.  I have been hooked ever since.  I stamped the rectagle background first in a brown slightly darker than the paper, then colored the flowers with markers and stamped it on top of the rectangle.
Yep, even with the bad picture color, this card is a keeper.  (Apparently literally)

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  1. Dori! You are just too talented!
    Love you and I pray your day is wonderful!!!
    Your Sister and Friend,