Saturday, May 22, 2010

Mother's Day 2010--Part 1

I had hoped to get these posted earlier, but things rarely seem to go as I plan lately.  Here are a few (OK, it's really more than a's a LOT, so if you're not interested in horses or my kids, you might want to skip this post) pictures from our Mother's Day.  My brother and his family and my Mom came over for a little BBQ. 
When the girls decide to saddle one horse, all the horses gather to see what's going on.  However, neither Meesha or Hunny actually WANT to be saddled.

Zoey thought she was quite the big helper when Cousin Sam let her carry the reins.

Elizabeth bribing Hunny with some oats.  She'll come close for a snack as long as she doesn't see a lead rope any where close by.

Sackett was actually tied to the post, but Zoey thought she was in control.

She about gave us a heart attack when she wandered behind Sackett, but he just flicked his tail at her.

She gives him a little pat of encouragement.

I would LOVE to know what she's telling him here.  She had quite a little talk with him.  I especially love how both Sackett and Silver are listening intently.

While Meghan, Elizabeth and Samantha messed with the horses, Kennedy, Nate and Scotty spent most all of the afternoon climbing the peachcott.  Taylor and Timothy were not in "picture taking range" for any of the day.

Doin' a little bareback.

Love this picture that Scott snapped of Nate on the porch stairs.

Elizabeth was a sweet cousin and spent a large chunk of her ride with Zoey on her lap.  Hunny felt the need to keep pace with Sackett.

Meghan has been working with Hunny and has even gotten the saddle on her a couple of times.  Usually after Silver and Sackett get saddled, Meesha and Hunny dissapear to the lower pasture.  This time, however, Hunny stayed in the upper pasture and showed off her beautiful lope.

Meesha would not be outdone by her daughter and did some lovely prancing of her own.  She may be getting old, but she has some spunk left in her!

Samantha spent some time in the round pen (that Meghan built all by herself) on Silver while Meghan stood by to give some tips.

This is right after Sackett got to going at a pretty nice little clip.  See how excited Zoey is?  She thought that was GREAT!

Cousinly advice? 
These girls are inseperable!

Cheese, Daddy!  Scott snapped all these pictures with his new DSLR camera.

Gettin' up to speed.

I love how much fun they have out there!

It takes a lot of trust to ride Silver while Meghan stands in the round pen with her Handy-Stick.  Silver is completely loyal to Meghan.

Going Doubles.

Blogspot has decided to not let me post the rest of the pictures where I want them, so I will do the rest in another post. 


  1. These are some great pictures!!! I was slightly dissapointed not to see any fresh baby pictures on here. How are the kittens?

  2. The kittens are too cute! The only pictures I got of them on Mother's Day were on my cell phone and NOT very good. I guess I'll have to have Meg go out and get some. Two black kittens and two grey.

  3. Sweet! Isn't it great to have daughters who can now take pictures for us?! And I don't mean the kind that are of people making gross faces and of the backsides of them!:)

  4. You're back!!! And with such sweet pics of your family! Yeah... :0)